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Looking into the Light

Looking into the Light is for for photographers, for artists of all kinds, and for anyone who’d like to try thinking like an artist, just to see what they can see.


Years ago I stumbled on what felt like a secret door into creativity in photography. It became my basis for photographing and for teaching, early on and ever since.


This book comes from the exploratory workshop I’ve been building for more than 30 years, and it extends it in all kinds of new ways and directions. It works for photographers of every level, from cell-phone beginners to jaded professionals. It also works for people who just want to enjoy being where they are.




Secret Books cover
The Secret Books
with Jorge Luis Borges

Photographs by Sean Kernan with short stories and poems by the Argentine master. “Navigating under the star of Borges, I look at this book—words and images, side by side on the table before me—and find myself looking down dark, unfamiliar paths across the plane of the world with a rising sense, both exciting and ominous, that everything is about to change.” Sean Kernan, from the Afterword.


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Among trees cover
Among Trees
with an introduction by Anthony Doerr

“In the photographer Sean Kernan’s arresting Among Trees (Artisan), New York’s trees appear as boulevardiers decked out in Christmas lights. Kernan traversed the planet in search of tangled roots and dappled canopies, and his photographs frame trees as peaceful neighbors of the earth’s human residents: palms arch into the Los Angeles twilight, and the unidentified specimen shares plaza space with an elderly Segovian gent. Kernan also plays with scale: a row of Tuscan poplars, sizable by human standards, is dwarfed by an electrical tower.”


The New Yorker, Mark Rozzo


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After The World
After The World

After the World is a series about a group of wanderers who have been somehow displaced from their time and have landed in ours. They wear not clothing and instead they cover their bodies with white mud. They can’t speak to us or explain how they have come to be here.



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Darrell Petit: In Stone

Darrell Petit: In Stone is a monograph of the monumental granite sculptures of this Canadian artist.


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The Kamala Boxing Club_Boxing Poetics in Africa
Kampala Boxing Club

The Kampala Boxing Club. The point is just to give some sense of what it feels like hanging around this boxing gym, one of the oldest in Africa.


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Prison cover
From Prison

From Prison is the outcome of five trips to two prisons in the American south in the late 1970s. It offers an extraordinarily deep and unhurried look into the lives and conditions inside the walls.



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